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        Working day:+86-411-82531890
        Nonworking day:400-655-7977


        The new year is coming. With the ring of the New Year bell, we bid farewell to the challenging 2020 and step into the hopeful 2021.

        On this occasion of ringing out the old year to welcome the new, on behalf of RHITL Logistics Co., Ltd, I want to extend my best wishes and sincere gratitude to the devoting and diligent staff and their families, to all the clients who support RHITL during the special period of Pandemic, and also to the government leaders and valuable partners!

        Looking back at 2020, this is a special and unforgettable year. A sudden new epidemic has swept the world, changing people's original way of life and work; changing the global supply chain and logistics industry which had formed for many years; changing the balance of global shipping and air transport capacity. With the closure of cities, countries, customs control and transportation restraints in various countries, mankind has encountered great challenges that have not been seen in the past century. Despite of this unprecedented difficulties and challenges, with the strong leadership of the government and the trust of our valuable clients, RHITL team has done their best to work together and overcome the difficulties together. They have made every effort to deliver every shipment to the client in time!

        Looking back at 2020, this is a year full of opportunities and challenges. Due to the shortage of logistics resources caused by the epidemic, it has become a normal daily demand to solve emergency problems. On the first day after the long Spring Festival holiday in Feb, 2020, RHIT started to respond to the call of the government and resumed working at once.. Affected by the long holiday and epidemic situation, it was hard to get even a single a truck at that time. All the RHITL drivers returned to work at once. The expressway service area was closed, so they had to drink ice water and eat dry instant noodles. Despite of all these difficulties, RHTIL ensured the smooth operation of the shuttle transport from Dalian to Shenyang and Changchun.

        In the peak season of import and export of epidemic prevention materials, RHITL provided customers with free consultation and customs clearance services. A customer imported masks from New York, and RHITL delivered the materials from New York to Dalian factory within 24 hours. With the epidemic spreading all over the world, the air transport capacity and containers became very tight and the freight charges went up increasingly, but RHITL people have made all the efforts to ensure the smooth completion of every commission to the customers. This is a perfect interpretation on the RHITL service concept of creating value for customers.

        Looking back at 2020, this is a year full of difficulties and development. Affected by the epidemic, the company's business volume and revenue have declined. Despite of this temporary difficulty, the company did not stop the pace on internal construction. In the aspect of logistics facilities procurement, the company invested in the purchase of new vehicles to increase the transport capacity; in the aspect of digital logistics system construction, the new customs system and import tracking system were put on line; in the aspect of team construction, the internal training was enhanced during this special period; in the aspect of operation control, the company's quality management and risk control were improved; in terms of brand building, "RHITL auto parts classification studio" was approved by China Customs broker Association and set up.  RHITL became the key contact enterprise of China International freight forwarding industry of Ministry of Commerce and one of the first national exemplary companies on "customs declaration and category", and the company's brand culture construction has made new progress

        Looking back to 2020, we can overcome the difficulties during the epidemic and stick to our work. We should not only thank our customers for their trust and support, but also thank the government for their care and help to enterprise on reducing taxes and providing epidemic protection material. The joint strength of our country in difficult times warms and supports us.

        2021 is the first year of the fourteenth five year plan. Under the construction of a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main job and domestic and international double circulation as support, China's economy and foreign trade will continue to develop healthily. RHITL should seize this historical opportunity and follow the trend to guide our work with new concept, new structure and new model in the new year.

        New concept: Digital logistics has become a new trend, which will accelerate the differentiation, restructuring and upgrading of traditional logistics industry. RHITL will increase the investment in digital logistics, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, use science and technology to empower the development of the company, so as to realize rapid response to market changes and meet the needs of customers.

        New structure: With China's accession into RCEP, new markets and opportunities are in front of us. What should we do? RHITL will focus on how to develop business under the RCEP framework, how to establish mutual business cooperation with trade and logistics companies in these countries, and how to open up this huge potential markets and form a new market structure

        New model: With the outbreak of the epidemic globally, there is a new trend in economic development. Some domestic enterprises have speeded up in transferring the supply chain from abroad to China. The promotion of domestic procurement will reduce the volume of imported goods. The establishment of the new model needs innovation, speed and passion guided by the changes of the market and the needs of customers. RHITL needs to speed up the pace of business transformation to both international and domestic markets.

        Facing to the future, the global epidemic is still not under control. There are still many uncertain factors. There are many difficulties and challenges in our work, for which we are fully prepared to meet. We have the determination and courage to go up against these challenges; we have the courage to break the cocoon and become a butterfly. Spring will always come after winter. The bygones will be bygones!

        Finally, I wish all the friends, staff and their family members of RHITL good health, happy life and all the best in the New Year!

        RHITL will embrace the dream and move forward firmly!

        Hello, 2021!


        Managing Director:Sun Tao


        Contact Number:
        Working Day:
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